In recent years, Netflix has been gaining immense popularity with its popular entertainment list. People nowadays prefer watching series and movies from the comfort of their homes. So, Netflix offers them a wide range of romance movies.

Even though Netflix now produces its romantic movie, the portal also has a wide range of classic romantic films.

Let us look at the movies.

What Is The #1 Romance Movie?

Even though there are many romantic movies available in the current generation, the one that has gained more popularity is Casablanca, released in 1952.

But along with this, there are other equally famous romantic movies like The Notebook and Titanic that made people experience a variety of feelings.

If you are looking forward to watching such a beautiful collection of romantic movies, then you can easily access them through online portals. Like Shakespeare, the current directors have also developed themselves to create classic romantic movies and let us look at them.

Top 10 Romantic Movies On Netflix Of All Time

  1. Casablanca

Released in 1942, this is one of the Classic American romantic dramas that happened during World War 2.

This drama focuses on a nightclub owner named Rick and his ex-girlfriend Ilsa who is now married. When Ilsa faces a problem, Rick resurfaces to help her. In turn, their bottled-up feelings might create an issue with her husband.

  1. Runaway Bride

Released in 1999, this movie is about a woman with commitment issues. The male lead, the big city reporter, falls in love with her, and the story follows her journey into marriage. This romantic movie is all about her personal feelings and how she slowly alters her mindset toward marriage.

  1. Christmas Inheritance

Released in 2017, this movie focuses on Ellen Langford, an ambitious businesswoman looking forward to inheriting her father’s properties.

But when the properties come with a special request to deliver a Christmas card to his father’s previous partner, she travels forward during the eve of Christmas.

You should watch this movie with your family on a big screen and enjoy cheesy lines and cliche scenes.

It is an enjoyable movie that you must watch on Netflix original romance movies. But if your network doesn’t show the content on Netflix or Amazon Prime, you should install a VPN. Using a VPN for Firestick for watching Netflix will protect you from hackers and hide your IP address. We recommend using VeePN as it is one of the most reliable VPN apps with a free trial.

  1. The Princess Switch

This movie is one of the famous romantic movies where two identical women switch their places to enjoy their Christmas.

They fall in love with each other’s beau, and the movie revolves around how they manage their feelings for their partners. With content and excellent direction, it is one of the most successful movies released until now. There are many versions available, and you can watch them in order.

  1. A Christmas Prince

Released in the year 2017, this American romantic movie is purely fictional. Even though it is based on the royal Princess Meghan Markle, the film has a different storyline but an inspiration retracted from the princess.

The story focuses on a cliche platform where a prince falls in love with the common woman. The well-directed scenes with advanced screenplay provide a perfect environment for the US to enjoy the movie.

  1. Newness

This movie is an American romantic comedy that navigates around two youngsters involved in hook-up culture and love creating emotional and physical issues. This movie portrays the problems of current culture and how people truly connect outside the world of digital media.

  1. Love

Released in 2020, this is one of the best Netflix romantic movies that reached fame. This movie plot revolves around a thriving painter who tries to manage his love and work life. With a contemporary background setting, this movie focuses on the love of a struggling artist.

  1. How Do You Know?

Unlike regular romantic comedy movies, this is a bit different. The plot revolves around a young woman who falls in love with two men while trying to find the real meaning of life and love.

With Reese Witherspoon in the lead, this movie was released in 2010 and became an enormous success because of its screenplay and heart-touching dialogues that most people can relate to.

  1. A Walk To Remember

It is the best option if you enjoy sappy romantic movies with sad endings. This story revolves around the beautiful love story between a cancer patient and a man.

It portrays the value of love and the respect a couple must have for each other with loyalty. It is one of the best romantic movies released after the notebook, which was a tremendous success.

  1. Life As We Know It

This movie is about two different personalities who joined to raise a baby left by their friend. It focuses on the difficulties of raising a baby and how they become a couple, regardless of their differences and personal issues. This movie focuses on both romance and comedy.


All the movies mentioned above have been successful at the box office. So, watch them through Netflix by subscribing to the premium version.

So, to protect your IP and other details, you can always install a VPN which is a better option. You can also check VeePN reviews before installing it. Install a VPN service for your Fire Stick and enjoy watching great movies during your free time.

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