A new Hawkeye costume is set to arrive in Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers this week, meaning the sharpshooter will be getting a suit from one of the most iconic superhero movies of all time.

The latest costume is inspired by the 2012 Marvel Studios ensemble film The Avengers. Hawkeye is the fourth character to get his duds from The Avengers, as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America already have theirs. The original MCU look will be available in the game’s marketplace on December 22, and will likely cost 1,400 Credits (around $14), the same amount as every other MCU-related costume.

Hawkeye is no stranger to movie-related skins, with the character having already received various costumes from both other MCU projects, as well as his own Disney+ spin-off series Hawkeye.

The Avengers‘ Hawkeye skin was also revealed by noted Marvel’s Avengers leaker and dataminer Miller Ross, who also recently uncovered a unique costume for Hawkeye that is reportedly coming out on December 29. This getup pays homage to a version of Clint Barton from Earth-666, who is a fully humanoid hawk creature complete with a beak, talons, and feathers. Both of these Hawkeye outfits can be seen in the video below.


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