Gathering enough baking ingredients in Destiny 2 can be challenging during the Dawning event. Here are the best ways to farm these materials.

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The Dawning event is well underway in Destiny 2, with plenty of cooking ingredients for Guardians to collect. Each December, Eva Levante returns to The Tower and gives players a Holiday Oven. The primary purpose of the Dawning is to spread holiday cheer by baking cookies for various NPCs across the system. For every cookie recipe, players will need to collect Essence of Dawning, one rare ingredient, and one common ingredient.

The materials needed to bake during the Dawning event can be earned by defeating enemies. Different ingredients drop depending on the element used and how the foe was dispatched. Essence of Dawning is accumulated by completing various activities, such as the Vanguard playlist in Destiny 2. At the same time, Guardians will be earning ingredients from defeating the enemies. However, there are more efficient ways of earning baking components.


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Fastest Ways To Farm Ingredients

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As mentioned before, ingredients drop from defeating enemies in an assortment of different ways. Therefore, the best options for collecting these materials are activities that spawn numerous foes. Fortunately, Guardians have many choices in this regard. There are six enemy types in Destiny 2, each appearing in multiple locations. However, both Taken and Hive are, by far, the easiest to farm for Dawning ingredients. Most veteran players know that one of the best locations to farm Taken is at the Thrallway in the Shattered Throne Dungeon. This is because large groups of Thrall will continue to spawn endlessly. Defeating Taken will drop Taken Butter, used for baking Classic Butter Cookies, Dark Chocolate Motes, and Strange Cookies.

Where To Farm Hive

Grasp of Avarice in Destiny 2

Guardians looking for Hive should start the 30th Anniversary Dungeon in Destiny 2, the Grasp of Avarice. As soon as players spawn, they will be met by a swarm of enemies spawning from a cave. These Hive spawn endlessly and drop specific Engrams used to proceed further into the Dungeon. As long as Guardians do not enter the cave and deposit the Engrams, they can repeatedly farm the enemies. Unfortunately, those who do not own the 30th Anniversary upgrade cannot start the Dungeon. The next best option is to complete rounds of the Altars of Sorrow, an endless Public Event on the Moon in Destiny 2. Hive drop the ingredient Chitin Powder, which is used to bake Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Bright-Dusted Snowballs, Etheric Coldsnaps, and Lucent Crunch.

Guardians should accumulate ingredients as fast as possible because there is limited time to earn the exclusive loot available during the Dawning in Destiny 2. Players that want some alternative methods should view a guide created by Jarv on YouTube. Guardians should hurry to bake all their cookies, as the Dawning event ends in Destiny 2 on January 3, 2023.

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