After Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ended Marvel’s 2022 slate as well as the MCU’s fourth phase with a bang, all eyes are now turning to 2023 and beyond. We’re getting Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania in February, the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in May, The Marvels a little later in the year, and a couple of Disney Plus shows to boot.

However, there’s less fun to be found in knowing exactly what is on the horizon, and more in speculating what’s to come – and some rumors have surfaced about an inbound villain getting a solo project, all the while facing off against the Thunderbolts in their upcoming film.

The villain in question is Sentry – who is widely described as a Superman-like character with a dark side. Off the top of your head, who’s a Superman-ish actor who has recently become available for work on a release that’s penciled in for some time in 2024? The internet certainly knows. 

Granted, there are those that argue that Henry Cavill either doesn’t have the range to play a schizophrenic character or deserves better than to be pawned off to Marvel to play a psychotic version of the hero we came to know and love in the DC Extended Universe of old, but still – it’s a pretty exciting prospect.  The rumor was sparked by The Direct, who reported that Sentry is getting their own solo project alongside their appearance in Thunderbolt, according to Marvel insider Daniel Richtman. 

Shortly following the saddening news of Henry Cavill’s DC departure, there was another vocal camp of Marvel fans who were lobbying for the former Man of Steel to take up the mantle of Captain Britain. Not the most terrible idea in the world, considering that the man himself said that he’d be open to it once upon a time. 

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