Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves launches in 2023, and it’s currently unclear which campaign settings will form the backdrop of the adventure. In Dungeons & Dragons lore there are plenty of worlds for a Dungeon Master to utilize in their campaign and Eberron is one of the most iconic.

Fans will be extremely familiar with the world, having sent their parties through its dangers and mysteries. However, newcomers might not know much about Eberron and thus these Reddit users have put together several facts that can act as a bit of a guide for recent D&D players.


The Currency

Dungeons & Dragons Fell's Five comic

New players may underestimate the importance of currency within Dungeons & Dragons. When visiting a new world, understanding how the financial situation works is vital for bartering, buying goods and magical items, and ultimately thriving in a new landscape.

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Reddit user cupfullofjoe created a full breakdown of the world of Eberron. There is too much to dissect there but one such area of interest is an analysis of the currency, with 1000 copper crown equaling the worth of, 100 silver sovereign, 10 gold galifar, and 1 plantinum dragon.

A Magical World

Spellcaster in Dungeons & Dragons blocks an incoming fire attack.

Each world is defined by a specific set of traits. Whether it’s the scary monsters that inhabit it, the steampunk aesthetic, or the mountainous terrain, there is always a certain identifier that can influence a campaign. Eberron is a land full of magic.

In their guide, ChaosOS said “Khorvaire, the primary continent of the setting, has turned arcane magic into a science. Eberron is not a steampunk setting with gunpowder and electricity.” It’s instead a land that relies upon sorcery to survive, a narrative beat that many campaigns could incorporate.


A pack of Draconians attacking an adventurer in Dungeons & Dragons Dragonlance

Sometimes fans wish to know how an important location in Dungeons & Dragons began. That context can be useful when looking back through older rulebooks and that kind of fact can also be integral for understanding what the initial purpose of creation might have been.

Psychometron reveals that “Eberron is a newer setting, created by Keith Baker and published during the 3.5 era. Its main differences are its emphasis on being a pulp-style setting. High adventure, mystery, and intrigue.” This origin will certainly help Dungeon Masters utilize Eberron effectively, especially based on Baker’s work.


Adventurers facing a dragon in Dungeons & Dragons

Interacting with a world within Dungeons & Dragons requires players to fully comprehend the atmospheric tone of the location. While readers would have seen the magical backdrop and pulpy style spoken on, the overall ideology of Eberron is also very relevant.

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Reddit user pasabaporahi delivers the facts of the tone saying that Eberron is “industrial revolution comes to a magical world, pulp feeling, post world war mentality.” That’s a crucial detail to remember when playing through Eberron, with the real-world parallels of a post-war mindset becoming particularly stark.

Dragonmark Dynasties

Orcs from Dungeons & Dragons.

There are numerous popular races that players love to use as part of their character’s identity and Eberron is structurally impacted by these various factions. As part of their guide, ChaosOS spoke about the twelve common races that bear arcane, mystic, and powerful symbols.

They said, “Over the millenia the houses have grown to dominate industry, providing licensing and training while pushing out competition. Players don’t just walk into a random tavern – they walk into a Golden Dragon Inn run by House Ghallanda.” Eberron is a world built on hierarchy and provides plenty of opportunities for inventive storytelling using these houses.

The Religious System

A group of Dungeons & Dragons characters in battle.

While fans continue to await that vital tabletop adaptation, they will dive further into their campaigns; Eberron might be a great setting for those that enjoy magical cults and religions. A fact file of the world has to include a breakdown of the religious system of the location.

Domingo gives that breakdown saying the religion known as “The Silver Flame can both be a major force of good or, in some ways, evil. The idea of the elves not just having ancestor worship, but literally reanimating their elders to lead their people is pretty neat.” This necromancy-based following is certainly a unique feature of Eberron.

Plays Too Many Gaming Styles

An adventuring party with a tiger man monk in Dungeons & Dragons

A great Dungeons & Dragons location will ensure that it provides a backdrop for any kind of adventure that the party chooses. There are so many gaming styles that players could interact with, and the fact is that Eberron allows for all of them to be utilized in some capacity.

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lordriffington explained this in some detail saying, “Want a traditional dungeon crawl? There’s plenty of that underneath Sharn, let alone out in the country. If you like pulp action, head to Xen’drik. Feel like some noir detective ….? Just go hang out in the streets of Sharn.” There are so many examples that benefit from the tropes of the world.

Fewer Legends

A red dragon roasting an adventuring party in Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen.

Plenty of campaign locations in Dungeons & Dragons boast an array of already-established legends and heroes that players can interact with. That can sometimes take the narrative away from the player characters themselves, but it’s a fact that Eberron operates slightly differently.

dungeonsandderp spoke on this saying “Eberron is set up assuming the player characters are extraordinary. The setting isn’t littered with legends of other groups of powerful figures (à la Drizzt in Faerun), making it reasonable… that an advanced party’s activities would garner… attention.” Eberron provides players with the opportunity to mark their name in history; an exciting prospect for any new party.

Core Texts

Many Dungeons & Dragons characters camp together

Dungeons & Dragons players are fully informed on the wide range of novels, rulebooks, comics, and other texts that help to build out the lore of the fantasy tabletop game. In the context of the D&D world of Eberron, there are a few important texts for fans to check out.

ChaosOS once again delivers the facts here, saying that the core books include “Rising from the Last War – 5e, Eberron Campaign Guide – 4e, and Eberron Campaign Setting – 3e.” It’s important to note the edition that these books can be used in, but, of course, it’s up to the Dungeon Master’s discretion as to what lore is used.

Details Included In Lore

A collection of creatures found in Dungeons & Dragons.

It’s a difficult balance to strike for Dungeons & Dragons, giving players a basis to build a campaign from with enough details for the tabletop game to function, while also allowing for some creative innovation from the Dungeon Masters themselves.

The fact is though, Eberron has toed the line well. TheStagesmith said, “the main setting only details the world, with broad strokes that let you fill in much of the detail yourself. Besides cultural and broad sociological tendencies, there is nothing that says “this race does this, this country does this.” That’s a massive deal for those that love having a lot of freedom in their stories.

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