Professor Xavier has long had a testy relationship with his son David aka Legion, and now Marvel is setting the stage for their final battle.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Legion of X #8!The X-Men have set the stage for Professor X’s greatest battle–with his son, Legion. Legion is one of the most powerful, but also troubled, mutants on Earth, and has always been at odds with his father. In Legion of X #8, this relationship is being stretched to the limit. Professor X’s years of neglect are about to come back to haunt him.

The mutant Blindfold is visiting Professor X in his dreams, on behalf of her lover Legion. She tells Xavier he must settle his differences with Legion and that his son needs him now more than ever–but Legion’s pride keeps him from asking. Professor X replies that Legion is too dangerous to the planet and mutants as a whole; Xavier brings up the various times Legion has lost control, but Blindfold is not here for his rationalizations. Blindfold explains to Professor X the intense discipline and control Legion is exerting over himself these days; she goes on to tell him that Legion also wants what is best for mutants, but he cannot move past his absentee father. Professor X continues to make excuses, ultimately telling Blindfold he does not know how to help what he cannot understand. Blindfold replies: “He doesn’t need your help, you lonely old monster. He needs your love.” After Blindfold takes her leave of the Professor, he tells the computer to prepare for “contingency operations.” The name of this operation? Daedalus. The issue is written by Si Spurrier, illustrated by Netho Diaz, inked by Sean Parsons, colored by Federico Blee and lettered by Clayton Cowles.


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Legion Just Want Professor Xavier’s Love, Not His HelpProfessor X Legion Daedalus
Professor X Legion Daedalus 2

Legion, who first appeared in 1984’s New Mutants #26, is the son of Professor X and Gabrielle Haller, an Israeli diplomat. Gabrielle named the child David, and hid his existence from Xavier. As a small boy, David’s family was caught in a terrorist attack, the trauma of which led to the activation of his formidable powers, as well as causing him to develop Dissociative Identity Disorder. Xavier would not meet his son until many years later, and Legion harbored deep resentment towards him.

Now, this relationship, one already strained, is about to be taken to its limit, as Professor X clearly has some sort of plan to deal with Legion. Readers will have to wait until future issues to see exactly what Daedalus means, but those familiar with Greek mythology will get the reference. Daedalus was an inventor, the best of his time, and his greatest achievement was building a set of wax wings for his son Icarus. Icarus was able to fly with them, but he flew too close to the sun, which melted the wax and caused him to plummet to his death. The story is a commentary on the nature of pride, an admonishment for humility, and it can be applied here as well. Professor X might see himself as a Daedalus-type, one who gave his son fantastic gifts that (in his view) went to waste. Both Xavier and Legion have their pride, and it will be the biggest stumbling block for them.

Professor X Is In for the Fight of His Life

Professor X Legion Daedalus 3

Professor X sees Legion as a threat to Earth and mutants as a whole, but all Legion wants is his love. These are two radically different viewpoints, ones that may not be able to be reconciled. The issue offers no clues as to Daedalus’ exact nature, but knowing how Xavier feels about Legion, it cannot be good at all. The X-Men have set the stage for Professor X’s final battle with his own flesh and blood, Legion.

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Legion of X #8 is on sale now from Marvel Comics!

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