Little People, Big World’s Tori and Zach Roloff may be having some intense marital issues as the mother of three hints at trouble in paradise.

During a very candid moment on Little People, Big World, Tori Roloff shared that she was going through the motions regarding her marriage with her husband, Zach Roloff. The TLC star has been a fan favorite since she started dating Zach in high school. Both Zach and Tori seemed like a match made in heaven, but the toxic family turmoil could be taking its toll.

Zach and Tori met during pumpkin season on Roloff Farms while both were in high school and immediately hit it off. Even though Zach was painfully shy, Tori made sure to bring her future husband out of his shell. The two would spend copious amounts of time hanging out on the family farm and getting to know one another. The couple even were the first to tie the knot on Roloff Farms, which in the end started a sibling tradition. With three children, it makes sense that their life wasn’t what it once was, but fans are hoping there isn’t trouble within the home.


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Tori Is Fed Up With Her Husband Zach

The entire Roloff family has been through the wringer this year, with Tori sharing her concerns when it comes to her own marriage. The Little People, Big People star told viewers in a recent episode that she wasn’t feeling valued within her marriage, since Zach hardly gives her the credit she deserves. Tori shared that while she loves being a mom, the whole routine can be very frustrating, telling Zach she is “overwhelmed” due to him not giving her credit for anything.

It is clear to Little People, Big World fans that the couple divides their household responsibilities. Even Tori noted that Zach takes care of stuff outside the home, while she is in charge of the kids and other inside chores. Viewers learned that Tori was in charge of making the kids breakfast, getting them ready for school, carpooling, nap time, lunch, and dinner. It was clear to fans why Tori was exhausted with Zach for not stepping up, noting she would be sleeping upstairs that night.

Followers of Little People, Big World, have never doubted the love between Zach and Tori. The couple chose to move to Battleground, WA, after it was clear the family feud would not be settled. It was clear that both Tori and Zach decided to choose their family and keep it safe. The stress could have easily taken its toll on both spouses, but viewers are hoping that this is just a bump in the road and not a major detour.

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