Goku gets a lot of love in the fanart community, but nothing’s come close to this oddly satisfying tribute to one of the best Saiyans to ever do it!

Dragon Ball fanart comes in many shapes and sizes, especially when it focuses on long-time protagonist and Super Saiyan mainstay, Goku, with most artwork either drawn the old fashion way, created digitally, or even inked in tattoo form. But one medium has yet to be tested when it comes to awesomely unique pieces of Goku fanart: turning him into a rug!

Uploaded to Instagram by @carpet.nerd, this account is pretty upfront about what they specialize in if their spot-on username is of any indication. Making custom rugs designed and produced by hand, @carpet.nerd has created more than a few unique pieces of nerdy carpet art hailing from the worlds of Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Super Mario Bros., One Piece, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Rick and Morty, and more, most of which are coupled with oddly satisfying quick-cut videos of different fanart pieces being made from start to finish.


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One of the most well-known and popular characters in the anime and manga space, Kakarot aka Goku, is a Saiyan of untold strength and skill that has dominated the Dragon Ball franchise as its best fighter for over three decades now. Able to transform at will into a yellow-haired badass known as a Super Saiyan, Goku has also ascended to Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue forms and most recently, the near-omnipotent Ultra Instinct form.

Goku Transforms Into a Carpet In New Fanart!

Turning back the clock to Goku’s base Super Saiyan transformation first seen on an exploding Planet Namek while fighting the villain Frieza, @carpet.nerd’s unique carpet tribute is exactly as intriguing as it sounds. Going step by step through the creative process in his video, @carpet.nerd cuts from a blank canvas, to a reference sketch of Goku going all in with his Saiyan powers, to @carpet.nerd using his tufting gun to bring his drawing to life. Expertly filling in each section of Goku’s image with vibrant color, @carpet.nerd next glues the mat part of the carpet together, gets out his trusty electric trimmers, and in what can only be described as one of the most incredibly satisfying pieces of fanart ever posted to the internet, shaves down all the excess yarn, simultaneously sharpening the piece and solidifying Goku as one of the few fictional characters to be immortalized on the very ground his fans walk on.

So while Goku’s latest transformation is far different from what fans are used to, @carpet.nerd successfully carves out a home decor niche that allows him to show off how versatile the fanart community can be while paying homage to one of the best Saiyans around. Here’s hoping Goku doesn’t get the rug pulled out from under him anytime soon because this is one type of Dragon Ball fanart that fans need more of!

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