“With great power comes great responsibility,” said a wise man to his arachnid nephew. We’ll soon see that this adage doesn’t just apply to superheroes but also to the guy you give your apartment key to in comedian Joey Z’s short film, Plant Guy.

Today’s route has Plant Guy (Joey Z) visiting the apartment home of Mr. Peterson to water his house plants…because he’s the plant guy. Competent at his work, this job goes quickly, so Plant Guy decides to connect to the apartment blue tooth and experience the affluent lifestyle of the wealthy Mr. Peterson by rummaging through his apartment…while, of course, a hip-hop soundtrack plays through this montage sequence.

“…until he stumbles over a strange box and an even stranger ‘artifact’ hidden inside.”

Plant Guy has quite a time until he stumbles over a strange box and an even stranger “artifact” hidden inside. Of course, it’s at this instant that Mr. Peterson (Paul Weiner) returns for the contents of the box, and Plant Guy is trapped in the apartment, fearing for his life.

Running at ten minutes, Plant Guy is a comedic sketch that first establishes Plant Guy as a regular dude to dreams of how the rich live by harmlessly snooping through their home. The experience gets creepy fast as he is forced to witness his client with his “baby.” Plant Guy does a good job building bizarre tension from start to finish, though the punch line falls a bit flat in the end. That said, Plant Guy is about the world of crazy characters doing crazy things along the way.

For more information about Plant Guy, visit filmmaker Joey Z’s Instagram page.


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