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Netflix has opted not to move forward with director Sergio Pablos’ new hand-drawn animated film “Ember”.

The decision was said to be creatively driven, not cost-related, and joins other animated titles that the streamer has axed this year alongside Ava DuVernay’s “Wings of Fire” among others.

Pablos reportedly retains rights to “Ember” and will be able to shop the film elsewhere with the film said to be remaining in production.

Pablos is an animation veteran who developed the concepts for “Despicable Me” and both wrote and directed the Christmas-themed “Klaus” – Netflix’s first original animated feature which also scored an Oscar nomination for best animated feature.

“Ember” is dubbed an “epic adventure tale of humankind’s quest for fire told through the eyes of young Dikika who embarks on an impossible race to a distant volcano to retrieve the precious spark that will save her tribe.”

Source: Variety

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