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Amidst all the ruckus over at DC Studios this past week, one of the stories that flew in was a tweet reporting that actor Dwayne Johnson had unfollowed both Warner Bros. Pictures and the “Black Adam” social media accounts.

Johnson has shot down that rumor, using Twitter to call the story “100% not true” and adding that he’d never followed either account on Instagram at all. The original source of the rumor subsequently apologized to Johnson who told them there were no hard feelings and that social media is currently an “insanely toxic time and culture”.

Johnson is coming off a rough week in the press as the fate of a sequel to “Black Adam” is very uncertain following the slightly disappointing box-office, and new DC Studios CEOs Peter Safran and James Gunn set to creatively overhaul the big screen DC universe.

Johnson had strongly campaigned to get Henry Cavill back as Superman for a “Black Adam” cameo ahead of further films with him, only for Warners, Gunn and eventually Cavill to give statements saying the cameo was Cavill’s last outing in the role.

Reports also began to arise suggesting Johnson had been denied a cameo in the upcoming “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”. Gunn hasn’t addressed future prospects for “Black Adam” or other DCU franchises beyond a young Superman film that he’s writing.

“Black Adam” received mixed reviews from critics, ultimately grossing $390 million worldwide against a production budget of $195 million and an estimated $80 million or more in marketing. The film is now available for streaming for customers of HBO Max.

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