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The finances of “Black Adam” are continuing to come under scrutiny as a new report over at THR has gone into the cost of some reshoots on the project and how that additional expense has impacted its profitability.

For some time now, the film’s official production budget has been touted as $195 million, with some fudging either a little above or below that depending upon the outlet.

Today, the trade reports that though the film’s original budget was set at $190 million by the studio, it quickly shot up to an eye-watering $260 million following a twenty-day round of reshoots as the result of a poor test screening.

Between this rumored $70 million cost for reshoots, and the film’s marketing & P&A budget, which hasn’t been officially released (but is rumored to be in the $80-100 million range), it seems pretty clear the film can’t turn a profit from just its theatrical run which sits at $391 million in total.

It also suggests the reshoots didn’t help, considering the film’s reviews were notably bad with a 39% score on Rotten Tomatoes from critics. Audiences were more positive, putting the film at around 88%.

The report comes alongside the film’s star Dwayne Johnson announcing yesterday that plans for a sequel were halted and will not be moving forward any time soon. Johnson remains open to reprising the role in a future DC film should they need him and has already had a meeting with James Gunn.

Meanwhile, “Black Adam” recently hit HBO Max with analytics firm Samba TV revealing that 1.2 million households tuned in to check out the film – falling short of the streaming debuts of “The Batman” and the various Marvel films earlier this year.


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