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After Sam Raimi’s original “Evil Dead” trilogy started out a straight-faced horror before upping the comedy with each subsequent entry, Fede Alvarez’s 2013 re-imagining turned things back to a dark and severe affair utterly soaked in blood.

With the upcoming “Evil Dead Rise,” the film’s writer and director Lee Cronin is certainly sticking to the franchise’s high gore quotient and, in October last year, posted a photo from the film’s wrapping claiming that 6,500 litres of fake blood used over the course of the film’s shoot.

So far, the few photos released from the film have shown characters covered in fake blood and make-up effects, keeping that aspect of the franchise even as it drastically changes the setting, this time to a suffocating Los Angeles apartment building where Beth (Lily Sullivan), her sister Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), and Ellie’s three kids must battle demonic forces.

Cronin has reiterated his promise of gore galore in the new film, telling Empire Magazine: “[‘Evil Dead Rise’] straps you onto a rocket that’s fueled by blood. You can either get off or you stay on ’til it explodes.”

He says the production had to hire an industrial kitchen to generate all the fake blood they needed for the film. It got everywhere, including where Cronin was residing during the shoot, and he says: “When I was checking out, I had to warn the landlord, ‘You’re going to find bloody handprints all over the apartment – but they’re not real, honest!’”

“Evil Dead Rise” opens in U.S. theaters on April 21st.

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