10 Reasons Why Kareena Kapoor Is Our Favourite Celeb On Instagram

Kareena Kapoor shared this image. (courtesy kareenakapoorkhan)


  • Kareena Kapoor turned 41 on Tuesday
  • When she is on set, there is no one like her
  • Kareena Kapoor calls Taimur and Jeh her “strength and pride”

Kareena Kapoor who turns 41 today continues to look as stunning as ever. The Bollywood actress has given us many memorable performances over the years. What has made her more endearing and accessible to her fans is her social media presence. Kareena Kapoor is quite the social media expert, much to her fans’ joy. Her candid posts often give us a peek into her celebrity life. From work to downtime with friends, Kareena Kapoor shares it all with fans. On Kareena’s birthday, let us look through some of her most fun Instagram posts that made us fall for her over and over again.

To begin, we have to admit that Kareena Kapoor is always one of the first few to ace an Instagram trend. In this photo, she is slaying the viral “model face” challenge like a pro. In the video, we see her standing with her team. They all follow the instructions of the challenge and just when it ends, Kareena walks off like a diva. Of course, she doesn’t need instructions to be a glam queen.

When she is on set, there is really no one like Kareena Kapoor Khan. This behind-the-scenes image of her lounging like a boss is a must-see.

Some of Kareena Kapoor’s most candid posts are about her pregnancy. The mother of two had revealed how TV shows helped her tide over the period. Her caption read, “Mom TV time’ is a thing… and I made the best of it when I was expecting.” Then she added the shows that she binge-watched during her pregnancy. She wrote, “Never have I appreciated TLC, feet rubs, and Schitt’s Creek more than during my pregnancy.”

Kareena Kapoor often shares pictures with her husband Saif Ali Khan and her two sons, Taimur and Jeh. We have to admit that these are our favourite kind of photos on her timeline.

We love this collage with her two sons. In the caption, she wrote, “My strength…my pride…my world!”

Food plays a major role in Kareena Kapoor’s life. And there is no doubt that she is a true foodie. This video of her digging into a pizza is a must-watch.

Who’s her companion in her food adventures? Her sister, Karisma Kapoor is her partner in crime. A funny video shows the two sisters gobbling up curries, bread, cakes and more. After the heavy feast, the two are seen taking a blissful nap. Kareena wrote, “What I mean when I say… ‘Lolo and I had a productive weekend.”

Kareena Kapoor’s bond with her sister is well-known. We love this birthday note, she penned for Karisma. She wrote, “Chinese food tastes even better when we eat it together.”

This throwback photo of the sisters is just priceless. Take a look.

We also see her spend some fun times with her girl gang which includes Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora. When the girls party, they party in style.

Hope you liked this Insta tour. Happy birthday, Kareena Kapoor


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